Get set for a Summer of Celebration!

Fizz Creations Slush Puppie ICEE Machine International Licensing Awards

Get set for a Summer of Celebration!

Summer is here (well, sometimes it is!) and what better way to enjoy the hot weather than with a nice ice-cold slushie.  Our best-selling product is an all-year round hit and as we all celebrate the summer months and reuniting with family and friends, we also celebrate the latest success of the iconic machine.

International awards debut
Here in the UK, we’ve seen SLUSH PUPPiE reach the finals in multiple awards and also take the crown in the Licensing Awards in previous years.  So we are pretty excited here at Fizz to see the SLUSH PUPPiE machine alongside its ICEE counterpart in the USA make its debut on international stage as a finalist in the Licensing Excellence Awards for Best Licensed Product in the Food & Drink category.  In a double celebration SLUSH PUPPiE has been recognised individually as Best License Brand too!

Our team developed and launched the first domestic SLUSH PUPPiE & ICEE Machine several years ago and they continue to be a hit year after year with an ever-growing range of product extensions and accessories… not to mention flavours! They operate just like the commercial machines with a rotating metal canister that freezes the liquid to make the iconic slushies in the classic red cherry and blue raspberry flavours.

Remember… a SLUSH PUPPIE machine is for life… not just summer.
With all our summer stock sold, now is the time to get your Christmas pre-orders in as new stock arrives in September. Get the machine on your shelves and you might just make someone’s Christmas…

Check out this little lad’s reaction when he received an ICEE Slushie Machine for Christmas.

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