2021… Here we come!

Fizz Creations 2021 Her we come

2021… Here we come!

With Christmas fast approaching retail is gearing up for the big gifting season and at Fizz we are pretty excited to have played a big part in what consumers will see on the shelves and online this year. However, our focus is now well and truly on products for 2021 so we are delighted to announce a whole host of new partnerships and licensed product that we are developing for next year.

Check out our 2021 licenses…

Fizz Creations Slush Puppie
Fizz Creations Trolls
Fizz Creations Where's Wally
Fizz Creations Universal Monsters
Fizz Creations PacMan
Fizz Creations Haribo
Fizz Creations Jaws
Fizz Creations Casper
Fizz Creations Brides Maids
Fizz Creations Tetris
Fizz Creations ET
Fizz Creations Back to the Future
Fizz Creations Chucky
Fizz Creations Love Actually
Fizz Creations Minions
Fizz Creations The Snowman
Fizz Creations Shrek
Fizz Creations Peter Rabbit

Stocking Fizz Licensed Products
If you are interested in selling our new licensed ranges in 2021 and would like to see what is available – drop us an email and we’ll introduce the lineup.

Create Your Own Bespoke Range
Want something a bit more special? If you’ve seen a license that takes your fancy our product development and design team can work with you to create your very own collection.  Just send us an email and let us know what you are looking for.


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