Be Phenomenal… during a pandemic.

Be Phenomenal during a pandemic

Be Phenomenal… during a pandemic.

Our essence here at Fizz is quite simply to ‘BE PHENOMENAL’. it transcends everything we do from our phenomenal people and products to our thinking and creativity.  Never has this phenomenal approach been more important than during our time spent navigating a global pandemic.  We’ve had to come up with new ways of working, we’ve had to pool resources to keep Fizz going and our people have risen to the challenge; whether working from home, safely and socially distanced in the warehouse or even those on furlough who placed their trust in the rest of the team to see us through to the other side.

As we start to emerge from lockdown, non-essential retail and hospitality begin to re-open and we take steps towards what will be a new normality we will continue our phenomenal approach to Fizz Creations.  At the heart of our phenomenal proposition is our four brand values.

  • We are CREATIVE
  • We are ETHICAL
  • We are A TEAM

These values will see us through the coming months as we welcome our absent team back and push forward with our 2021 and 2022 product ranges.


Respect has been a key trait throughout the pandemic, our expression of gratitude to keyworkers in healthcare and grocery, our respect for one another, keeping our distance, staying away from loved ones all to protect each other.

This respect will continue in our workplace as our people return to the office – we will keep each other safe through exceptional hygiene and working conditions that adhere to the latest government guidelines.

The emotional and mental toll of the pandemic is already recognised and we will continue to treat colleagues, customers and suppliers with respect and empathy – it has been a difficult time!


Our creative approach has allowed us to maintain continued operation over the last 3 months.  The introduction of home working, video conferencing and creative thinking have allowed us to thrive.  Creativity is an essential element of our business, understanding product trends and consumer demand to create the right product at the right time.  We are now living in a changed world with different behaviours and far from the days of panic buying toilet roll there is a demand for morale boosting products and that is right up our street – creating fun for everyone!

Our continued creativity will deliver fun and novel products for the new normal.


We believe in doing the right thing – by our employees, customers and suppliers and will continue to work in a socially responsible way; reducing our use of non-recyclable packaging and operating our business in an environmentally friendly way.

COVID-19 has taught us all the importance of being aware of those around us and we will act in a way to make the world a better place.

We are A TEAM

We’ve always been immensely proud of our teamwork. The effort put in by each and every one of our employees during these past few months has been exemplary.   For a company who puts so much emphasis on our Fizzy Family and values the input of everyone, the switch to working in isolation was certainly a challenge.  However, it was a challenge that we rose to and have emerged from as a stronger and more close-knit team than ever before.

We thank those who have worked so hard throughout and we thank those who have returned from furlough and got straight back into the swing of things, and we thank those who will return soon.  Every member of our team is valued and are working seamlessly, together, to deliver the very best products.

As we venture into this new post-pandemic world in the coming months our respect, creativity, ethical approach, and solid teamwork will allow us to BE PHENOMENAL in every way in our service to you, our customer.

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