Creating Fun for Everyone!

Creating fun with our top 5 games

Creating Fun for Everyone!

It’s what we do!

The current pandemic is literally changing the world.  Many of us are seeing our daily routines turned upside down and into chaos – schools are shut, home working is recommended, and you can’t even buy toilet roll.

So, if we’re meant to be socially distancing and staying in, what options are there for entertainment when you are stuck together under one roof? The answer is simple… games!

Whether you are hunkered down with a partner, family or friends we have the perfect game for you.

We’ve started a little challenge in my house – each night we play a couple of games and the victor is rewarded with token to put in their cup.  When the current health crisis is over – the person with the most tokens will be crowned the winner, with the other members of the family chipping in a tenner to buy them a treat!

Fizz Creations Kawaii Pufferfish Cactus Bunny Mugs Tokens

My Top 5 Games

Complete the Lyrics

This game is a hit with my family, the gameplay is quite simple.  One player reads out the lyrics with a word missing – whilst everyone else in the family attempts to ‘fill the gap’ in the funniest way using the cards in their hand.  We’ve had some good laughs with this one!

Complete the Lyrics Cards

Tiny Skeleton Hands

My son and husband become ridiculously competitive with this game and love the variety of challenges.   I had to attempt to roll a dice using the skeleton hands, it took me ages just to pick the dice up – let alone roll it!  This was great fun for all the family, and we can play for as little or as long as we like.

Tiny Skeleton Hands Contents

Bull in a China Shop

We had a fun evening the when we played this, having equipped ourselves with our bull tails we thrust around trying to knock over our ‘china’ first.  The only problem was our cats, creating fun and getting involved by chasing our bull tails – it introduced an added risk factor to the game and a whole new level of hilarity!

Flies with More Interesting Lives

My daughter is an amazing artist and animation student, so we thought she’d have a huge advantage in this quick draw game.  Pick a WHAT, WHERE, and WITH card and proceed to draw out an interesting life for your fly whilst everyone else tries to guess what you are drawing.   It seems so obvious when you know the answer!

Flies with more interesting lives game contents

Murder on the Dance Floor

I love a good whodunnit and I especially love the vibrant colours and 70s retro styling of the game.  To win this one you simply must identify who committed the murder, where it happened, the murder weapon and the reason.

Murder on the Dance floor playing cards

Stay in, stay safe and enjoy spending time with your loved ones and enjoy creating fun for everyone playing games.

…. I know I’ll be!


Fizz Creations – Marketing Manager

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