Could you be a Jalfrezi Jigsaw Master?

Fizz Creations World Puzzle Day

Could you be a Jalfrezi Jigsaw Master?

Did you know that 29th January marks International Jigsaw Day?

To celebrate this we thought we’d assemble a selection of jigsaw facts.

7 Jigsaw Puzzle Facts You Never Knew…

  1. The first jigsaw puzzle was created 260 years ago in 1760 in Britain by John Spilsbury
  2. For an average 1000 piece jigsaw it takes around 30 minutes to get all the pieces the right way up with the straight edges separated.
  3. Each time you double the number of pieces to a puzzle you will quadruple the difficulty
  4. The largest commercial jigsaw puzzle went on sale in 2011 and contained 32,256 pieces.
  5. The fastest way to do a jigsaw is to sort all the different colors into groups before you begin. The real ‘Experts’ stand up all the time because sitting cramps their style!
  6. The Worldwide Jigsaw market is set to be valued at $730million USD by 2024
  7. The Guinness world record for completing their official 250-piece jigsaw is 13min 7sec.

At Fizz Creations we offer a range of novelty takeaway inspired jigsaw puzzles.

Each comes in its own novelty packaging shaped just like its take-away counterpart and contains a 250-piece double sided puzzle.

Are you up for the Chow Mein Challenge? How long will it take you to complete one of our Games Room puzzles?  Whether you’re looking for fun with Fish & Chips or a Jalfrezi Jigsaw our novelty puzzles are certain to be a winner in the gifting department.

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